Today I was reviewing some language notes from late 2015 and come across this doozy:

puyutumu, puwitumu, puwutumu = medial verbs for saying “went up/down/across when you didn’t see me and now” I’m coming back down/up/across.
So: “nyi puyutumu koovepuqu” = “I went up (but you didn’t see me and now) I’m coming down”

Good news: I understand this note. Bad news: I have to remember there is a particular set of verbs with this precise meaning and usage.

Teacher Training

Teacher Training On Monday I’ll be starting our second literacy class. In addition to 10-15 new literacy students, I’ll be training two graduates from the first class to be teachers themselves. Today we had our second meeting and worked through a mock class. Gapi and Teti are both eager, but very nervous. I was really…