Hoku was given an old weed eater and wants to cut our grass. But he wants more pay (vs machete-cutting) to buy fuel. I spent 15 minutes explaining to him that (1) I don’t benefit from the machine so I can’t pay more, while (2) he saves time and energy, but lessens his profit. So we’ll see how he decides to cut. (In Menya time is not money.)

Menya Work Ethic

Ever since we moved into Menya, we have marveled at the lack of ambition or consistent work-output among a people who are clearly fit and capable of great exertion. It seems strange that they have not accomplished more with their resources.

Translation Check

We sent these three off to one of our bases to scrutinize Wes’ translation of some Genesis chapters we will be using in our first round of teaching. I spent an hour yesterday telling Edwin (right) that he should be prepared for wetting his pants and puking on his first ever airplane rideā€“it was good language practice.


Wes and I took our ATVs a couple hours in one direction until the road ended then hiked an hour and half up to a village to visit this guy. Leporsy has claimed his fingers and most of both his feet.

Kidnapped by a Demon

At about 11:00 pm I was lying in bed not yet asleep when I heard our neighbor, Edwin, calling out for one of his children. He called out repeatedly with increasing urgency. Just when I was ready to get dressed and go outside with my spotlight, it stopped. (Click the Pic to read on)