This evening at our gospel study, a dog scampered into the center of our circle and crunched a grasshopper in its mouth releasing a few foot long parasite worms that spent the next ten minutes writhing on the ground before they were finally picked up and tossed toward the bushes by Gapi and Koni.

The Gospel After Dark

Monday evening I started another gospel study like what I did at Terry’s house. This time, though, it’s at night and I plan to work through the whole course inside of two weeks instead of meeting only once a week. We are meeting at Manas’ house–technically outside his house underneath my tarp. Manas and his…

Baptism #1

As we’ve worked towards baptism, there has been a lot of hesitation and fear based on the lingering influence of previous false teaching and tradition. Not all of our new believers were ready to take the plunge, but these are some of the ones who were. In the video: Wati, Neti, Zabet, Terry, Helen, Tema, Lucy.