Crusade Conclusion

Thanks to all of you who were praying for our crusade last week. We had a great (but soggy) week. The teaching went very well and it seemed like most of the folks followed and understood the message. We were not as directly connected to as many listeners this time around because so many of…

Last night we finished up the OT ending with messages of the prophets. The very last part was about the promise of a future kingdom and king (Messiah) for all nations. I asked “Are you now ready to hear about that kingdom?” I felt like I was introducing a political candidate at a rally (Are you ready for the next governor of the great state of _____?) Thankfully the reaction was about the same as rally. Today they get to hear about Jesus!

Crusade Kick-Off

We started off our “crusade” today. These pictures are of Sapeth, Wati, Terry, Gapi, and Api leading post-lesson discussions and asking the questions we prepared. (There were more discussion leaders too, but these are all I was able to photograph.)

Stand Alone on the Word of God

The picture above is from our wedding day. I think it’s obvious where. I’m the one with my mouth full and the three other guys are groomsmen. The guy in the back, half hidden, but not cooking on the griddle, is Harry. Many of you know Harry because he followed me to Grace Church and…