I learned today that there is a different set of numbers for counting small stuff in Menyan—and here I’ve been using the big-stuff numbers for everything. How embarrassing.

Coffee Middleman

It’s coffee season. Wati has built a store and become a middleman. He buys green coffee beans a few KGs at a time and then sells them in 50-60kg bags. Eventually they get sold to a factory where they will be processed and shipped around the world. 

The Ideal Candidate

The picture above is a campaign poster from 2012 still hanging on a local store. Elections come again in 2017 here in PNG and this man, our Member of Parliament, will likely be running for reelection. As part of my language learning I am regularly exploring new facets of the local culture and pursuing additional…

Re-Locating Literacy

I recently wrote this post about our meeting regarding the location of our upcoming literacy class. As it turns out, the reservations of the cautious were founded. The same individual who destroyed the last school house has already raised a stink about us using this (pictured) school house. And so we are rethinking the plan.…

9:51pm I just drove a young boy w/ mom and dad to the local clinic in our ATV trailer. His eyes had rolled back, body was stiff, heart racing, hacking cough. They had already tried the witch doctor. There was no doc at the clinic so they are waiting. Pray for Keetay. We will update in the morning when we know something.