9:51pm I just drove a young boy w/ mom and dad to the local clinic in our ATV trailer. His eyes had rolled back, body was stiff, heart racing, hacking cough. They had already tried the witch doctor. There was no doc at the clinic so they are waiting. Pray for Keetay. We will update in the morning when we know something. 

Language Test

Over the weekend, some veteran missionaries came into Menya to preform my second language evaluation–a euphemism for language test. On a scale from zero to nine, they scored me at four, up two notches from last time. They said that I am consistently saying/hearing things correctly through level four, but added that I am delving into…

Locating Literacy

Yesterday evening we had a meeting with our local influencers to discuss where we will hold our upcoming literacy class. Previously we were expecting to build a meeting place with the help of the local community. As it turns out, there is a recently constructed one-room school that, at most, only gets used from 8am until…


We are very thankful for the good machines and great pilots of NTM Aviation that keep us supplied here in Menya. (If you don’t usually click on our pictures to see them bigger, make an exception for this one.)