Test Results

Our language testers have come and gone. They rated me level two on the NTM language learning scale–I have to reach level nine to proceed to teaching and translating. I was hoping for level three, so it’s a bit disappointing, but contrary to what this lady thinks, I’m progressing. Our testers had lots of suggestions and input…

Language Test

This is Wes guiding our two “Language Consultants” from the airstrip to our houses yesterday. These guys are missionaries who have learned a different tribal language in PNG and are further along in their respective ministries than we. In addition to continuing in their own translating and church planting efforts, they also serve as consultants…

Language Learning 4

This is Hoka sitting in my office concentrating on how to explain the meaning of a particular word. Usually this process is pretty simple, but occasionally–as on this occasion–it is complicated. The problem stems from using a (very limited) common language that is native to neither of us.

Thatching the Peak

Today Ken, local thatching expert, started work on the peak of our wind-house.



Everett and Jay were eager helpers.



Belle and Lucy both took a turn on the roof.

Sylvie tried to sneak up the “ladder” (a single three inch log.)

She wasn’t sneaky enough.

Menya Soccer

I got to experience my first game of Menyan soccer last week. It was played on the field above at a different time when I didn’t have my camera. “Field” is misleading. The area is more like a golf course with sand traps, eighteen inch rough and unreplaced divots. The game started with ten on ten, but the numbers…