Ant Farm

This evening I picked up our Kindle for the first time in a few weeks after having read a couple of books printed on actual paper–I’m so retro, I know. Anyway, there was an ant crawling across the screen which isn’t unusual since all of our walls are infested with ants that are immune to…


  The picture above is of our strainer catching bugs from the flour. I mentioned this a few days ago on Facebook, but here I would like to provide a comprehensive list of the things we have consumed after removing the bugs. Flour Sugar Peanut Butter* Honey Raisins Corn Meal Water** Breakfast, lunch and dinner***…

Coffee Picking

The coffee beans are ripe in the highlands of Papua New Guinea and yesterday I went with Hoax and Margaret to their garden to pick some. In a couple of hours of leisurely picking mixed with conversation I picked a few hundred coffee beans to contribute to the cause. Considering that 7.8 million tons of…


It’s election time here in Papua New Guinea which means the candidates are out and about serving food and giving speeches. One candidate is planning to visit Hoax’s neighborhood so, in preparation, they built this grandstand. Election season in PNG brings with it a higher likelihood of violence (particularly in the cities) and, on top…

Church in PNG Part II

As we spend time with nationals in Papua New Guinea and with missionaries who have been engaged in the discipleship process for decades, we see the consequences of not completing the task that Jesus gave to his own disciples. We see the results of groups coming to Papua New Guinea as missionaries, but not making disciples. There may be many factors that contribute to this failure, but a few are obvious and easy to identify.

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Church in PNG

After watching Hoax’s story, Sharon Jacobs, asked this:

“I thought Christianity was a new teaching where you are? Hoax said that both he and his parents went to church…people are exposed to Christianity there?”

This is a good question and one that I though could use some explanation.

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