The Cost of Friendship

Here in Papua New Guinea one of the important aspects of the culture we are learning about is the role of “friendships.” I put the word in quotes because a PNGian would translate the word “wantok” into english as “friend,” but it would not accurately reflect the true meaning of the word.

Bow Making

Yesterday one of our PNG friends took me (along with two other guys) on a hike a few miles away to visit some of his family (the actual relationship is not totally clear at this point.) When we got there, his cousin-ish relative showed us how to replace the “rope” on a bow (as in…


While out walking yesterday* I saw this boy (15) carrying some sliced up bamboo (and a bush knife.) I asked him what he was doing (in Pidgin) and he told me he was working on his house. I asked if I could watch him and he said yes. As we talked he explained what he…

Yesterday’s Walk

Yesterday we went on a three-mile walk to see another village that is close by and meet some more PNGians who could help us learn the trade language (Pidgin.) Along the way we met some folks and learned some important aspects of PNG culture.


While we were at the Highlands Conference last week, Belle and Lucy got to take part in Vacation Bible School complete with a guy form Michigan and his puppet. It was such a blessing for us and for the girls. Of course we appreciated having something for our kids to do while we had our…