Belle, The Swimmer

After a summer and a half of hesitancy, Belle finally overcame her fear, discarded her swimmies and started swimming. She’s no Ariel yet, but she has started. As soon as she realized she is capable of keeping herself from drowning, she couldn’t get enough of the two meter dog-paddle. She also tried jumping in from…


We have our Visas! So we are cleared for entry into Papua New Guinea. With that checked off the list, we shipped most of our possessions off to meet us in PNG. Unfortunately we won’t see any of that stuff until around Christmas regardless of how quickly we get there ourselves.

We are currently at 66% of our support and need to get to 75% to depart. Once we get that we will purchase plane tickets and be off!

Runway Cafe

Last week we had lunch at the Runway Cafe here in Greenville sitting outside where we could watch airplanes (small ones) take off and land. The girls are really excited about riding on an airplane so this was a fun treat–I’m sure they will be less excited once we have been in the air for…

A Peek at Papua New Guinea

Some of our good friends from our time training in Missouri are already in PNG. He is an airplane/helicopter pilot so they live on a “base” in a town, as opposed to a tribal village. He flies missionaries in and out of remote tribal locations and delivers supplies to them. (We are excited to see…


We got our thumbprints on our PNG work permit applications today. So we’ll drop them in the mail and just a few short weeks from now, they will be in PNG.

The officer who booked us was nice enough to let our girls do their thumbprints as well.