Pray for Francis

He is clear on some points, but still seems to be having trouble putting it all together. I’ve talked to him a few times since we finished the lessons, but every time I have to cover the same ground again. Also, Rita is really worried because he hasn’t changed from his sinful ways overnight.

What Now?

What Now? We met with our group of new believers this morning to talk about what’s next. The picture above is of Wati, Hoku and Gapi reading through the Bible verses (in Menyan) before we began. We started by reiterating the fact that we are saved by God’s grace, through faith, not our own work.…

Teaching Update #11

Teaching Update #11 Sunday Elizabeth and I met with Rita and Mati to catch them up on a couple of days worth of missed lessons–they had traveled to another village for Mati’s mother’s funeral. We talked about Jesus’ birth and temptation. We left them with John’s quote “Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away…

Teaching Update #10

Teaching Update #10 At the beginning of the week I compared our teaching process to a puzzle for some of our folks. To do that, I had to show them one of our kids’ puzzles, but once they saw it, they understood my point. Most of the people we are teaching are familiar with all…

Tepatiqu Language Preservation Committee

The Menya people–especially the old-timers–are extremely proud of their language (which they call Tepatiqu.) They are loath to add any foreign words. This group was trying to figure out the perfect way to say “holy.” They might crack it eventually, but it might be that a foreign concept requires a foreign word.

Teaching Update #9

Teaching Update #9 This morning with our small group we discussed the law and its role. We talked about why God gave Israel the law and the fact that He gave it to Israel, not us. We told them that the law is good and we can learn from it and Israel’s experience, but the…

Understanding Worship

I had a great conversation with a group yesterday explaining that worship is the appropriate response to God. Today Elizabeth read Jethro’s response to the Exodus (18:8-12) to Rita. It is a perfect example of what we were talking about and she is so excited to understand.

Partnering: The Reffners

It’s been really great to have an opportunity to pray as a family each night. Getting them to learn how to pray specifically started as our main goal but how they are praying has surpassed what we anticipated. And the fact that they aren’t losing steam is encouraging. I get yelled at by the kids when we miss a night.