Writing Literacy Primers

Together with two veteran missionaries and a handful of Menyan men, Wes and I spent last week writing four primers for our upcoming literacy program. Dianne and Annette, literacy consultants who have completed literacy programs in their own tribes and helped numerous others do the same, walked us step by step through the process of the tried and true method.


Today, as I was sitting with Edwin, we heard what I thought was distant thunder on a sunny morning. Edwin corrected my thinking explaining the noise was not thunder, but the voices of wild men. Intrigued, I pursued the subject.

The Rhythm of Death

I have been to at least seven funerals in Menya over the last two years. Last week, on the day of one burial, a young man found the belongings of a teenager on the banks of the river. I was there when he first reported his discovery to a small group. They each immediately concluded “oh,…