Saturday morning I’m going to teach a lesson summarizing what we’ve covered so far for the village children (and anyone else who shows up.) Be praying.


After schooling 4, breakfast and lunch from scratch and being outside for 2+ hours participating in our lessons and discussion, Elizabeth served homemade BBQ with homemade sauce and homemade slaw on homemade buns. Sides: homemade fries from local potatoes and homemade pickles from local cucumbers. Then she washed all the dishes dishwasherlessly. And today was normal.

Teaching Update #3

Teaching Update #3 I had a great conversation with a group of men after the lesson this afternoon. It started with one guy (Ruesen) who had shown up for the first time. As we talked, I decided to read Genesis 1 in it’s entirety to him. As I read, men gathered around so that by…

Teaching Update #2

Friday morning Elizabeth and I hosted a “discussion group” around the fire at our Wind-House with coffee and banana bread. We invited some of our closest neighbors/friends to talk about what they had been learning…