Letting God Judge

I went to see Hoax the other day and found him splitting wood in order to make a fence around Ginalyn’s grave to keep pigs from rooting around in the loose ground. We talked for a while about the conclusion of the traditional customs surrounding death and as we talked, Hoax told me the family had discussed Ginalyn’s death and determined the cause. Here is the story…

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Church in PNG Part II

As we spend time with nationals in Papua New Guinea and with missionaries who have been engaged in the discipleship process for decades, we see the consequences of not completing the task that Jesus gave to his own disciples. We see the results of groups coming to Papua New Guinea as missionaries, but not making disciples. There may be many factors that contribute to this failure, but a few are obvious and easy to identify.

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Church in PNG

After watching Hoax’s story, Sharon Jacobs, asked this:

“I thought Christianity was a new teaching where you are? Hoax said that both he and his parents went to church…people are exposed to Christianity there?”

This is a good question and one that I though could use some explanation.

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Mitupela Lainim Lo Tok Pisin*

We are full-time language learners now. We spend as much of our time talking with local people in the trade language (Pidgin) as we can. The rest of our “learning time,” we study, listen to our recordings and get ready for the next time we’ll talk with someone. We have a number of people who we meet with regularly to learn, but we also just walk around to find anyone willing to listen to our attempts. It’s an interesting, fun, challenging, humiliating experience.

*The two of us are learning to speak Pidgin


We have our Visas! So we are cleared for entry into Papua New Guinea. With that checked off the list, we shipped most of our possessions off to meet us in PNG. Unfortunately we won’t see any of that stuff until around Christmas regardless of how quickly we get there ourselves.

We are currently at 66% of our support and need to get to 75% to depart. Once we get that we will purchase plane tickets and be off!