Today my language labor paid off when I got to use the Menyan version of past-contrary-to-fact to write “It would have been better if we had died in Egypt.” My joy from this puts me at at least an 8/10 on the nerd scale.

After today’s lesson I was talking with Reuben, Terry, Edwin and Wati about our inherited sin nature and it’s desire to dominate us as God warned Cain. I asked if, when they resolve to do good, it works for them. They responded with an adamant chorus of “no.” They are convinced of this truth. It sure is easy to explain things that correspond exactly to our experience!

Having taken care of Penny’s kidney stone, the Chappells have decided to return home to America a little earlier than planned (now instead of Feb) for the birth of their next baby. Wes will come back alone to PNG in Jan for a few months of work before the April delivery. Then they will all return next year July/August with a new addition. (That’s the plan, anyway)

For those praying for Kenalin, here’s the latest: after a few days at the local clinic where she got more than 25 shots w/o being cured, they sent her home telling her parents to make peace with anyone they may have offended (thinking the source might be witchcraft.) The family is now home and Kenalin is still sick.