Another Sad Day

Today another child was buried. This is the grave with Joka, the grave digger, on the right and Tomas, the father, sitting above it. Tomas is the man from our post “Chipping Away” who said he wanted me to come and teach their group some time. Pray for them.

The Word Spreads

This is Ken, a young husband and father who lives across the river. He didn’t attend our teaching, but has been coming to our church meetings. Api has taken it upon himself to meet daily with Ken and his family to walk them through the gospel. We are excited for Ken to hear and thrilled about Api’s enthusiasm–God is clearly doing a mighty work in and through him.

Sharing the Love

I had a great conversation about the gospel with Terry and some of his family today. From this group, only Terry attended our lessons back in the spring. It’s exciting to see new believers like Terry wanting others to hear the truth they are believing.

Chipping Away

Yesterday I took a stroll down to where one of our local religious groups was gathering. This particular group has, thus far, rejected what we have been teaching. I’ve been eagerly looking for an opportunity to talk with this group…