Our sweet baby boy was abnormally fussy yesterday. Today we figured it out. A tooth (or maybe 2?) is coming in! See how unhappy our happy baby was? Oh, and he just started using the exersaucer too! He is growing up way too fast!!

Sleeping Beauty

Our sweet Belle dropped her nap right before Everett was born (she has impeccable timing…she dropped her morning nap right before Lucy was born). She now has an hour or so of “rest time” while Lucy is napping and every once in a while this happens…


Tonight after dinner we built a fire and roasted marshmallows in the back yard. We have done this several times before, but tonight I actually remembered to take some pictures! The girls just love it.

Here’s what Everett was doing while the rest of us roasted marshmallows:

Sweet Everett

Everett is such a sweet baby! We are so blessed! He is so calm and content all the time! He is a good eater and as of a couple weeks ago, a great sleeper! I said for a while that he would be the perfect baby if he would start sleeping through the night. Well,…

Homemade Soap

During our snow week we found lots of fun things to do at home. One of the girls favorite things was making soap. Our friend, Susan Stevenson makes soap and gave the girls a soap making kit right before we got snowed in. They loved using it! We made 8 fun bars of soap…here’s what…