Pray for Francis

Last Friday at our Bible study Francis was happy and fixed a broken folding-chair with tangat leaf. This week he was subdued and, after the study, complained for about half an hour about a myriad of issues. He’s up and down a lot. Pray for humility and wisdom for him, patience for us.

Going Deep

Saturday we hiked to visit Edwin and family at one of their bush-gardens (that’s a garden in the jungle, not one owned by a beer family.) For Elizabeth and the kids, it was the farthest trek into the bush to date. Lot’s of fun!

Gospel After Dark: Update

[We had to move my lantern outside the tarp because it was a “rain-fly” night. All I saw for the whole night was silhouettes.] Attendance has been consistent and the study is going well. The group is following the story and seems to be getting the main points. They are hungry for answers. Here are…