This is Mati in her labor and delivery lean-to just before 6pm today. It’s now almost 9pm and it’s been raining for about two hours. The lean-to has been upgraded with the Chappells’ tarp, but she is still sitting on the ground in the rain in the dark waiting on her baby.

I just heard 4 of our local men tell a visitor why they need a Bible in their own language—with the reasons we presented at our meeting.


Lest we lose sight of why we are here–and why we toil day after day to learn this language–we have regular reminders that we are living in a land of darkness and confusion. Here are two recent examples:


This is our neighbor, Mati. She is pregnant with baby #5. I think her oldest is between nine and eleven, but they don’t know how old any of their kids are. He is only about as tall as Everett, which can be deceiving. Next in line are two more boys, around 7 and 4. Then…