Rousen stood me up last Monday when he was scheduled to meet with me for language practice. This week he explained why: Monday last week, I didn’t come to see you. My firstborn child ate a tomato with germs and he had a belly ache. He threw up until day break. I went and got…

I learned today that there is a different set of numbers for counting small stuff in Menyan—and here I’ve been using the big-stuff numbers for everything. How embarrassing.

Coffee Middleman

It’s coffee season. Wati has built a store and become a middleman. He buys green coffee beans a few KGs at a time and then sells them in 50-60kg bags. Eventually they get sold to a factory where they will be processed and shipped around the world. 

The Ideal Candidate

The picture above is a campaign poster from 2012 still hanging on a local store. Elections come again in 2017 here in PNG and this man, our Member of Parliament, will likely be running for reelection. As part of my language learning I am regularly exploring new facets of the local culture and pursuing additional…