House Warming

Our neighbors are building a new house. The houses don’t last for very long, so they have to rebuild houses pretty regularly here. This new one is a little bigger than their last house, but the most exciting thing is that their daughter, Nawi, gets her own room! That’s rare here in this culture of tiny…


Rousen stood me up last Monday when he was scheduled to meet with me for language practice. This week he explained why: Monday last week, I didn’t come to see you. My firstborn child ate a tomato with germs and he had a belly ache. He threw up until day break. I went and got…

I learned today that there is a different set of numbers for counting small stuff in Menyan—and here I’ve been using the big-stuff numbers for everything. How embarrassing.

Coffee Middleman

It’s coffee season. Wati has built a store and become a middleman. He buys green coffee beans a few KGs at a time and then sells them in 50-60kg bags. Eventually they get sold to a factory where they will be processed and shipped around the world.