Language Learning 4

This is Hoka sitting in my office concentrating on how to explain the meaning of a particular word. Usually this process is pretty simple, but occasionally–as on this occasion–it is complicated. The problem stems from using a (very limited) common language that is native to neither of us.

Cooking Class #2

We had our second cooking class today. As promised, we made sweet potato fritters. They were really good. Think hash browns. Yum. I think everyone liked them better than last week’s curry! It made me really want to go to waffle house and have eggs and a waffle and of course a cherry coke to…

Thatching the Peak

Today Ken, local thatching expert, started work on the peak of our wind-house.



Everett and Jay were eager helpers.



Belle and Lucy both took a turn on the roof.

Sylvie tried to sneak up the “ladder” (a single three inch log.)

She wasn’t sneaky enough.

Cooking Class

Today Penny and I hosted our first “cooking class” in our new wind house.  We thought it would be fun to get together with a bunch of ladies and visit and also show them how to cook something that they don’t usually cook using ingredients they have access too. We made curry soup. I’m not…

Menya Soccer

I got to experience my first game of Menyan soccer last week. It was played on the field above at a different time when I didn’t have my camera. “Field” is misleading. The area is more like a golf course with sand traps, eighteen inch rough and unreplaced divots. The game started with ten on ten, but the numbers…

Another Funeral

  Sadly, another child in our village died from the measles this week. He was one of our closer neighbors. The burial was a sad, unceremonious event. The hole was begun a day in advance and finished off the next morning with a dozen kids watching. Shortly after the preparations were complete, a group of ladies followed the…