Baptism #1

As we’ve worked towards baptism, there has been a lot of hesitation and fear based on the lingering influence of previous false teaching and tradition. Not all of our new believers were ready to take the plunge, but these are some of the ones who were. In the video: Wati, Neti, Zabet, Terry, Helen, Tema, Lucy.


This is inside the control box of a custom made (by our tech team in MZ) highly efficient variable speed 12V fan. This one recently stopped variabling. Thankfully I grew up in the Nintendo cartridge era so I was able to fix this with the blowing-on-it method. Good as new.

Driving it Home

At our Friday morning Bible Study we were talking about Colossians 2:6-15. One of the main points of discussion was this: Jesus, not tradition or worldly philosophy, is our source for wisdom and knowledge. I shared with our group that, in America, we often get distracted from God’s truth or deceived by worldly “knowledge” and…