Back in Greenville!

We spent several days with each set of grandparents after first arriving in the states, where we adjusted to the time change with plenty of hands there to help with the kids! (That was so nice.) We were also able to get over being sick much more easily with the added bonus of sending the…

Travel Log: Jet Lag

A fourteen hour time change is not all that easy to adjust to. This problem is compounded by having children who are also lagging. In fact, I think each child increases the jet lag effect by a power of one. Additionally, being sick (which Elizabeth and I both are) doubles the problem. So if you…

Travel Log: Sydney Zoo

Today we enjoyed the Sydney Zoo. Here are a few of the Australian highlights… A cable car ride up the hill overlooking Sydney’s harbor.   Tasmanian Devils     This is where we ate lunch–a bunch of colorful birds joined/interrupted us.     The birds were happy to eat anything we wanted to share. Including…

Travel Log: Re-entry

We are back in civilization and it is very normal in some ways and very strange in others.  Part of me feels right at home and sort of just wants to say “Ahhh”, but then some things that were once very normal feel very strange now! Our first time strolling down the paved streets, surrounded…

Travel Log: Packing

Almost a year ago we showed up at GSP with all of the bags above…and our eight carry-on bags you can’t see. Every airport-plane-change was a nightmare so we decided this time to try and travel with no more than five bags and four carry-ons. That seemed like a good plan until I checked Air…

Reasons #40-49

Apple Picking We missed a whole year of apple picking-and apple eating for the most part–so we are excited about apples. Bacon Considering the fact that almost everyone here raises pigs, it’s surprising there isn’t more bacon. Seasons Especially fall and winter. Chlorine There are a few restaurants in town with pools, but they are…

Reasons #21-30

Seeing grandparents


A new house

Planting a garden

Going to a playground at a park


Going to school

Birthdays–Daddy’s, Lucy’s, Everett’s and the new baby’s

Disney World


July 4th Celebration

Well, we didn’t do much on the actual 4th of July, but today, the 7th, we had a fun filled day celebrating together.  It almost felt like we were home…except we were much cooler here!  We got together with several other families on our base (mostly American, except for one Australian couple and one German…

Letting God Judge

I went to see Hoax the other day and found him splitting wood in order to make a fence around Ginalyn’s grave to keep pigs from rooting around in the loose ground. We talked for a while about the conclusion of the traditional customs surrounding death and as we talked, Hoax told me the family had discussed Ginalyn’s death and determined the cause. Here is the story…

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