Hoax Norris

After seeing one picture of Hoax on our site, one of our friends (who can remain anonymous unless he wants to reveal himself in the comments) said that Hoax looks like Chuck Norris. I showed Hoax the following picture and told him this which got a big laugh. You decide,

PNG Relationships

The picture above is of our cat, Aurora, and one of the cats who lived in our house in Mibu. Are they hugging? Fighting? Is Aurora just annoying? It’s tough to tell. And this is how we feel about some of our relationships in PNG. It’s tough to tell. In my previous post, I mentioned…

PNG Economics

Today I took Ginalyn (above) to the clinic again with Hoax (they skipped her previous appointment while we were in Mibu so Ginalyn is doing quite poorly.) We were at the clinic for more than five hours while the staff administered IV fluid and medicine giving Hoax and me plenty of quality time together. During…


We eat a lot of yummy fruit here in PNG.  There are amazing bananas, pineapples and papayas.  We also get strawberries and mulberries.  In Mibu they had wonderful oranges.  A couple of our favorite fruits are new  to us here though.  Lucy in particular has developed a fondness for diwai tomatoes and sugar fruit/passion fruit.…

Beating the Heat

I can’t speak for Elizabeth on this particular point, but I’m missing winter in South Carolina. I’m jealous as I see folks on facebook in jeans and coats. While it doesn’t get outrageously hot here outside, our house reaches 90 degrees for about five hours every afternoon thanks to the tin roof and lack of…

In Case You Missed It…

If you didn’t watch our video of Everett walking (or if you didn’t see Kelly Keever at Grace on Sunday,) you may not have heard, but Elizabeth is pregnant. Due October 3rd. And in other news… We both had a language evaluation about a week ago and each did well. We are “almost finished” with…

My Book

The very giant one is Daddy. Daddy is so silly and Everett is so funny. Everett is that tinier one.

She is sitting in a chair, like in Belle’s

He is so funny.

Belle is so funny.

Everett is so funny.

Lucy is so funny.

She is so funny.