Belle made a train of chairs today while Lucy and Everett were sleeping.  She was so excited to share it with them when they woke up.  I love that she included Everett by putting his bumbo in the train!  He was loving it!

A Peek at Papua New Guinea

Some of our good friends from our time training in Missouri are already in PNG. He is an airplane/helicopter pilot so they live on a “base” in a town, as opposed to a tribal village. He flies missionaries in and out of remote tribal locations and delivers supplies to them. (We are excited to see…

Strawberry Picking

I LOVE Spring and summer.  I LOVE warm weather and I LOVE fresh fruit!  It has become an annual event for us to go strawberry picking with some friends in early May, and we went this week!  So fun!   It is pretty funny to see all of the moms wearing babies and snapping pictures…

More Easter

What its really all about: Making birds nests with eggs for our neighbors. Easter breakfast:  Blueberry French Toast Casserole.  YUM! Sweet girls “fishing” in the pond. We had Easter lunch with some friends.  After a yummy meal we enjoyed watching our sweet girls in pretty dresses frolicking around in the green grass.  It was so…


We got our thumbprints on our PNG work permit applications today. So we’ll drop them in the mail and just a few short weeks from now, they will be in PNG.

The officer who booked us was nice enough to let our girls do their thumbprints as well.