Back on Track

We are thrilled to announce that we are back on track to move to Papua New Guinea to join the church planting efforts of New Tribes Mission.

After a year detour, we are once again preparing to ship out. Everett is here and the five of us (well at least four out of five since Everett doesn’t have an opinion) are eager to resume our journey. Our hope is to leave this coming July, but our girls are ready now. They ask daily if we can start packing–maybe we should have waited a bit longer before telling them.

Between now and July we will be packing, shipping supplies, raising support and hoping that our paperwork moves steadily–if not rapidly–through Papua New Guinea’s system. If you would like to join our support team, or would like to know more about it, please contact us.


Now that Everett is a champion drooler I thought it was time for him to start wearing bibs! A friend of mine gave me some super cute ones that looked easy to make, so I tried to copy them and was pleased with how my first attempt came out:maybe I should have taken a pic…

Hamburger Buns

I tried to make hamburger buns the other day and this is what I got (next to a regular sized bun for comparison):Oh well, I’ll try again another time! (Even though they are tiny they did make yummy sandwich buns later on!)

Homemade Finger Paint Fun

I got a great idea from a blog to make finger paint and paint on the walls in the shower. The girls LOVED it! So if you need a fun activity for a rainy day…or any day…it is fun and easy! Here’s the link with the recipe: and here’s what my sweet girls looked…

Hodge Podge

Everybody in! Everett starting finally sleeping in his crib about a month ago (3 1/2 mo) when he started sleeping all night. (Did I mention when he started sleeping through the night it was 12 or 13 hours?? He is amazing. He eats at 6:30 and goes down and then wakes up between 7:30 and…


Our sweet baby boy was abnormally fussy yesterday. Today we figured it out. A tooth (or maybe 2?) is coming in! See how unhappy our happy baby was? Oh, and he just started using the exersaucer too! He is growing up way too fast!!

Sleeping Beauty

Our sweet Belle dropped her nap right before Everett was born (she has impeccable timing…she dropped her morning nap right before Lucy was born). She now has an hour or so of “rest time” while Lucy is napping and every once in a while this happens…


Tonight after dinner we built a fire and roasted marshmallows in the back yard. We have done this several times before, but tonight I actually remembered to take some pictures! The girls just love it.

Here’s what Everett was doing while the rest of us roasted marshmallows: