This weekend we had great visit from some of our oldest NTM friends, the McGregors–we’ve known them since our pre-kid days in the Show-Me State. (Unfortunately, Mike was too busy piloting our chopper to be part of the visit.)

Going Deep

Saturday we hiked to visit Edwin and family at one of their bush-gardens (that’s a garden in the jungle, not one owned by a beer family.) For Elizabeth and the kids, it was the farthest trek into the bush to date. Lot’s of fun!


We flew out of Menya Monday for our annual conference. But on the way we had a couple of days of rest and relaxation at a “resort”–missionary style. (A place with a pint-sized pool.)

A New King

This morning in our Bible study, we were working through Colossians 1:15-20. As we were talking about Christ’s supremacy, particularly His authority over spiritual forces which once dominated our friends’ thinking, there were many joyful expressions.